Washington Nationals

I am not exactly passionate about a professional sports team. However, if I was to pick one to discus, it would be the Washington Nationals. I am from Maryland and close to the DC area. Normally, people are split between the Nationals and the Orioles. Since there are two professional teams near one another, it is important to stay on top of marketing strategies and sponsorships.

The Washington Nationals have numerus sponsors, some bigger than others. A few of their big partnerships/sponsors are obviously the Major-League Baseball association and then they are also partnered with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. Another big sponsor seems to be under armor. Although in baseball it is normal to have different brands for different products, it seems to be the under armor is their overall big athletic wear sponsor. Baseball is different than most sports because there is not one company that dominates over all the others for its athletic gear, such as bats, gloves, shoes, etc.

One thing I found interesting was their advertisement for potential corporate partnerships. The Washington Nationals share that they want to gain and develop new partnerships. The have a tab that shares different partnership five possible levels.


  • Level 1: Pinch Hit Sponsor – $500
    • Get one mention in the Gala program
  • Level 2: Base Hit Sponsor – $5,000 or $3,000
    • Full page advertisement, or half page advertisement
  • Level 3: Double Play Sponsor – $10,000
    • Club tickets, field & pregame passes, name recognition during Gala, full page cover advertisement, and mentioned in Gala program.
  • Level 4: Field of Dreams Sponsor – $20,000
    • Group photo & meet with player, sky club tickets with food & drink, Southern club tickets & field passes, signed bat, acknowledgement during Gala from main stage, logo & name recognition during gala, full page color advertisement, mention in all broadcast & print media.
  • Level 5: Diamond Sponsor – $50,000
    • Prime seating for 30 guest, meet players and couch, photo with player, suite, diamond club tickets, opportunity to throw first pitch, autographed framed jersey, acknowledgement on Gala stage, logo & name recognition on Gala stage, full page cover advertisement, mention is broadcast & print media.


As you can see, there is a wide amount of diversity among the different levels of sponsorship opportunities. This keeps a level playing field for not only the bigger businesses, but also the smaller ones who are just trying to get their foot in the door.


Throughout the Semester

Over the semester, I have learned many quality concepts to help me in my future career. There has been a wide variety of information that we were not only exposed to, but also able to apply in life situations. There were many times where an event was taking place and we discussed it in class. This helped us better understand the text information in current issues.

One main concept that stuck with me was the importance of social media. Throughout the course, we learned the importance that these platforms play on sports marketing. There are many things that brands can do to enhance the customers experience and their brand awareness. A few things we learned was how to make social media more personable to its customers and how that can benefit the brand. For example, we learned that it is a smart idea to show off sports team’s player’s personalities. There have been positive outcomes from videoing players being themselves, rather than just posting game videos and stats. It allows the consumer to feel even more involved with their brand and create more loyalty.  Another thing we learned was that sports teams should team up with other companies. For example, when a team and athletic brand, such as Nike, team up, then the uniforms most likely look more official. It also markets both the team and the brand.

Throughout the semester, we also learned a lot about demographics and geographic. Both areas play a big role in finding out who and how to market your product. When you look at demographics you are looking at specific areas within a group, such as race, gender, and religion. This is important when marketing because it gives a crucial incite to who the customers are. Geographic’s also show importance; this is when it is in relation to the actual geographic region.

Also, learning about the product strategy is important for a future career in marketing. A product strategy is the foundation of a product lifecycle and the execution plan for its development. Product strategies are important because it creates a clear understanding of the consumers and market area. It is also good because it gives the business direction that can guide them. Using product strategy will be important in all areas of marketing. I also thought it was important to learn about the public opinion and how it influences products. I have learned that it is important to understand the amount of effort that goes into a company’s product. The amount of research and data collected just for advertisements is mind blowing.

Overall, there is so much that goes into marketing and all things are equally important. If just one step is done wrong, then the whole product could be at risk. Learning that it is important to have a plan and a set vision in mind is crucial, but also understanding that it can change at any time and flexibility is necessary.


Thanks for taking the time to read my blog

Cassie Motok

Oregon Ducks

The Oregon Ducks organization is nationally known. Although their athletic programs are the main contribution to their awareness, they are also executing in their marketing, which pulls in even more fans. They have top ranking programs which expose millions of fans to their brand each night. They have been using that opportunity to enhance their brand awareness. This is especially evident when there are big games. They will have things like new uniform releases to get the fans talking. Oregon has eighteen athletic programs all sponsored by other known brands, such as Nike.  Nike has been said to help improve their branding and they help create new uniforms for their teams. Just by having the Nike logo on their products helps sales and awareness increase.

The University has many tactics that they use to promote their brand. One tactic is their use of social media. They are active on platforms like YouTube and Instagram where they have thousands of followers and subscribers. Not only do they have a presence for all their teams on one handle, which almost reaches 1million followers. But they also have individual handles for each athletic team. Their posts range from many things such as pictures from games and interview videos from players on the teams. This is a positive way to promote their brand because it allows to show the personality of the athletes, instead of what is just shown on the field/court. They also take advantage of their facilities and athletes by holding events such as camps and having things like “fan day”. These events allow fans to meet and great players from the athletic teams. The event is held inside the stadium and free to the public. This is a good tactic because being free gives a selfless image to their fans and having the event in the stadium allows them to be in the same environment the games are in.

Overall, Oregon does a fantastic job with their marketing. There are many times where their organization is recognized for their creativity and uniqueness with their marketing style. They do a good job of staying ahead of their competition with every step they take.

Social Media Platforms



It is apparent that any successful college is active on social media, but that does not mean just because you are “active” you will be successful. This is because not many people realize the amount of planning and marketing that go into each thing you post on social media. When it comes to recruiting new students and athletes, there is a lot of competition between collegiate institution. However, the first thing this prospective student is going to look at is the colleges social media pages. If they are not put together well, then right away that individual is creating negative judgments of that institution, which puts them at a disadvantage against others.


With this being said, I took into account the concepts about marketing and social media we have been taught throughout this semester, and will be applying them to the Catawba College Athletic page. Right away Catawba shows its viewers the platforms they are actively on: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc. By adding those icons to the top of the page, they have created a more efficient way to create higher activity on those pages. After reviewing some of their platforms, such as Instagram and Twitter, it looks like they have good involvement. It does not appear that each sports team has their own social media handle, however those that do are constantly posting. One recommendation I would make is that the college makes it a requirement for each sports team to have their own handle. They also have nine tabs that each have links to separate information and sport teams. They have good diversity among each tab, but it does get a bit confusing trying to find the actual information. If you click on one of the individual team links, it is a bit difficult to find their team information (ex: roster, stats, etc.) So, I would recommend possibly altering their page to put that information toward the top, instead of awkwardly in the middle.


Overall, it is hard to keep up with social media because it is always changing, it seems that the methods they use with their platforms is productive. However, they could see positively changes from a few small alterations. Either way, they are fairly organized and have an attractive and informative web page to its viewers.



Thank you for taking the time to read my blog,


Milwaukee Bucks


Today in my sports marketing class, we watched a video that put in perspective different marketing concepts that can be integrated in our marketing practices. It was an insightful video because the spokesperson, Michael Grahl, made the segment very personable and relatable to our audience. Michael Grahl explained that like many of us, he did not have a set plan after graduation, but took an internship opportunity in the sales department for the Milwaukee Bucks. Then over a 17-year period, he worked his way up the corporate ladder and is now the head of digital sales.

He plays a key role in enhancing their brand name by focusing on reaching millennials. One key point he made was the important use of technology, specifically social media. Michael Grahl points out the importance of targeting youth through social media because of their popular use on those apps. One important take away point is the importance of using social media as a marketing tool. It is an important approach because it allows their fans to feel connected to the athletes and it allows fans to see the personalities of these athletes. These interactions between athletes and fans are crucial because they create a strong bond and relationship. By using social media, they can still control what the fans see and the type of image they want them to receive. However, it still creates an authentic personality that is true to who their brand is in a natural and casual way.

Another point Michael Grahl made was that you cannot control the record of the team, but that should not limit you from increasing awareness of your brand name. The Milwaukee Bucks did not have a successful season. However, that did not keep them from gaining a 10% increase on their website. Michael Grahl noted that they had one of the youngest teams in the NBA, so they used it to their advantage in reaching more millennial. Since their average team age is 24yrs old, they created more involvement on apps like Snapchat, they also held a few contests where fans could win a day with one of the professional players. Michael Grahl noted that this approach is beneficial because the fan will then go on social media and post about their experience with the player and photos they took. This allows their brand to be shared and reach a wider range of viewers.


These concepts could be applied to WVWC. A lot of the time, Wesleyan lacks creating personable relationships with our student athletes and fans through social media. If they increased their use on social media to not only show the stats of games, but also the personalities of players, then they would increase the overall fan engagement and enrollment at games.




– Cassie Motok


The fun Things of Segmenting

In marketing, the use of segmentation is a popular concept that provides a link between direct marketing and promotional strategies. There are two common bases involving segmentation. These two bases are state-of-being and state-of-mind.  State-of-being focuses on the demographics that consist of seven categories: geography, age, income, education, gender, sexual orientation, and race and ethnicity. State of mind is different because it focuses on the psychographics and assumes that consumers can be divided by personality traits, lifestyle characteristics, and preferences. One approach to finding the state-of-mind is by using a VALS assessment. This assessment identifies eight segments: innovators, thinkers, achievers, experiencers, believers, strivers, makers, survivors. Between both state-of-being and state-of-mind, a marketer is able to appropriately and strategically identify the target audience and the appropriate way to market their product to that audience.

There are many examples of these segmentations being used, but there are two I will specifically discuss in this post. The first one is a print ad by Gatorade. In this ad there are different athletes who are involved in a verity of different sports.


As you can see there is a basketball, baseball, football, NASCAR, and tennis player who are all under the Gatorade logo. Since they use a diverse group of athletes, they can reach a wider range of customers. This advertisement also seems to target a younger audience who may look up to these famous athletes as role models. Income is another factor that many marketers take in account, however, I do not believe it is targeted in this ad. Gatorade is just as expensive as any other drink, so they are most likely not trying to financially persuade their customers to pick their products over competitor’s products. They also do a good job involving a variety of different races/ethnicities. However, I do not think it was good that they only used one female athlete out of five total athletes. They also could have positioned her in the middle so the advertisement would seem more gender balanced. State-of-mind is also useful in this advertisement because they can create a type of loyalty between the customers and their product. If this loyalty is created, then the customer would most likely always buy the product before games and practices.

The second advertisement I chose is by Nike. It is a black and white photo of LeBron James. Although there is no recorded date, I am assuming it was soon after the Cleveland Cavilers beat the Golden State Worriers in the NBA championship series.


Although this photo has a much simpler dynamic, I believe it is conveying a strong message. LeBron is looked at as the greatest player of our time, however a lot of people did not believe the Cavs would beat Golden State, especially when they were down in the series 3-1. So, when they made a comeback the emotion it brought was very strong. That’s why the slogan above LeBron “we are all witnesses” is greater and more emotional to Cleveland fans than what is may seem to non-Cleveland fans. This advertisement also seems to be targeting more male basketball players/fans in general. However, you may not be a fan of Cleveland, but you may respect LeBron James as an individual player. So, this advertisement can reach to those individuals who just like him as an athlete and not for the team he is on.  Also, Nike used a subtle approach by only advertising their logo towards the top. This is a good approach because it gives recognition to the company without taking away from the overall message of the ad. I believe this advertisement is good and persuasive because it creates an emotional bond between the brand and its customers on a different level than jus loving their clothes. To me, it seems like Nike is creating an emotional bond that incorporates emotions like pain, heartache, happiness, failures, success, etc.



Thank you for taking the time to read my blog,

Cassie Motok

Peyton on Sunday Morning


According to CBS, in the 1970’s, we were exposed to an average of 500 ads daily. That may sound like a lot, but it is a measly number compared to the 5,000 ads we are now exposed to each day. Within these ads are several marketing elements designed to attract the customer and make them want the company’s product. There are a lot of times where we are exposed to something that the marketers don’t necessary want us to consciously pick up on. However, they rely on it settling with our subconscious. Marketers are able to flucuate this by changing between internal and external factors.

One way companies attempt to advertise their products is by hiring well-known athletes. By doing this, they hope to reach and compel a wider range of customers. An example of this is the commercial series involving Direct TV and “Peyton on Sunday Morning.” These commercials involve Peyton Manning doing normal everyday activities since he is now retired. The specific commercial that will be discussed is the “Peyton Manning Sunday Ticket” commercial. This commercial begins with popular musician, Lionel Richie, singing a catchy tune “Peyton on Sunday Morning.” The clip then cuts to another scene involving newly retired Peyton Manning casually in his home watching Direct TV Sunday Football in his robe on a couch. Peyton Manning then calls his brother, Eli Manning (also a professional football player), asking Eli to watch Sunday football with him. Unfortunately, Eli breaks it to his brother that he is getting ready for his game that day and would not be able to make it. The commercial is short but is memorable to the viewers. Especially because of the famous celebrities such as Payton, Eli, and Lionel Richie.


Commercial:  Peyton Manning Sunday Morning

Although the commercial seems simple, there are many internal and external elements that play into it. I believe that one thing the commercial executed was targeting their popular demographics. Although African Americans are reported to make up 68% of players in the NFL, Caucasian fans end up making 77% of the NFL fan base. It is also statistically found that 1 in 4 NFL fans have an income of over $100k. With this being said, Peyton Manning, who is an extremely well-off middle aged white male, watching Sunday football, is able to be easily relatable to the reported popular fan demographics in the NFL. However, since they use a famous quarterback, the commercial is also appealing to individuals outside of their popular demographic group. The commercial also does a good job of persuading their customers socially. It is shown that having the Sunday Ticket on Direct TV can also allow you to invite friends over and bond with them over football. The largest age group who are fans of the NFL are individuals who are 55+. Although Peyton Manning is only in his 40’s, he is retired. This is compelling to the 37% of aged 55+ NFL fans who are also retired or soon to be retired.

Overall, Direct TV did a nice job incorporating many marketing factors, both external and internal. They also discretely persuaded their customers to buy their product.


Thank you for taking the time to read my blog!





Gaille, Brandon. “17 Captivating NFL Fans Demographics.” BrandonGaille.com. N.p., 28 Oct. 2015. Web. 08 Feb. 2017.

Stereotypes, Racism, or Maybe Even Nothing

A few days ago, in class, we were shortly briefed about a commercial we would be watching. The class was told the commercial would be displaying highly prejudice tones. Also, that it is creating an uproar in the comment section from people who were offended by this racially stereotyping commercial. When I was first told to watch it, I thought it would be stimulating to copy and paste some of the comments people left. However, after reading through them, I could not bear to have those malicious words on my post. The comments range from individuals who are offended to individuals who are just blatantly racist. With this being said, what kind of image has been created in your head?


For me, I imagined the worst. However, as the commercial began to play through, I sat there waiting for a nerve to strike inside me. Fortunately, one did not. Look for yourself:



How did it make you feel? Did it upset you?

Honestly, I thought of it as corny and goofy. I was actually confused on why people thought it was racist.


Now do not get me wrong, racially stereotyping and racism is an ongoing issue and needs be stopped. However, I do not see how those negative qualities are being displayed throughout this clip. Although everyone is entitled to their own opinion and feelings, I believe that this whole video is creating unnecessary problems. Jerry Rice is a well-known and very respected football player. Deidrie Henry has been the ongoing spokesperson for Popeye’s. They just happen to both be black. Why does that make it racist? So what if two successful African Americans are in a commercial for a well-known fried chicken brand together. Maybe if that offends you then you are the problem. We need to stop being overly sensitive and nitpicking at everything.  When things like this happen, it creates an unnecessary division among people. If we all see each other as equals and judge off the quality of the person instead of predetermined stereotypes, then maybe we would not have as much hate and discrimination in this world.



Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.



A Little About Me

When we envision our futures, there are a lot of things that we picture for ourselves. For some reason, it always seems like I end up doing stuff I never thought I would. For example, being a blogger was never something I thought I would be involved in. I love to talk, but I have never been too good with writing words. However, here I am, laying on my bed, listening to Pandora, trying to come up with some sentences that will help a person understand who I am and why I am here.

Well, I will start off with simple, but informative basics about me. My name is Cassie Motok, I am from a beautiful little city called Frederick, Maryland. Growing up in Frederick has been nothing but a blessing, it is a diverse area that has given me amazing insight on the world and has helped shape my outlook on life. It is a nice area, but I do not plan on living here forever. Hopefully I am able to travel to new areas and gain new experiences around the world.

After I graduated High School, I started a new chapter at WVWC where I am currently a senior. There were a few hiccups along the way, nevertheless, I will successfully be graduating with a major in psychology and minor in marketing and communications. You may ask what I want to do with that and my answer is I have no idea. I am not a person that has it all planned out, never have and never will. Shout out to those that do.  Anyways, despite not knowing, I have gained a wide range of diverse knowledge that will hopefully give me an advantage. Taking communication, marketing, and psychology courses have given me the right mixture of information. So, when I venture out into the world maybe I will be in good standing.

When it comes to Wesleyan, the beautiful campus and delicious café food were not the only reasons why I came here. I originally journeyed over to fulfil my dreams of being a collegiate athlete. However, that is not my path anymore. Although I no longer play a sport, I continue to have a deep love and passion for the game. Being an athlete has built me into the person I am today, and for that I am forever grateful. As a matter of fact, being a sports lover brings me to why I am writing a blog for Sports Marketing. I am here because it is something I truly am interested in. I grew up in a family involved with many sports, a few being: basketball, baseball, and softball. I hope to incorporate my past knowledge of sports with new concepts I learn in class every day. Thank you for taking the time to read my first ever blog!

bn86hxot(a sassy throwback picture from 2003 lol)

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