Throughout the Semester

Over the semester, I have learned many quality concepts to help me in my future career. There has been a wide variety of information that we were not only exposed to, but also able to apply in life situations. There were many times where an event was taking place and we discussed it in class. This helped us better understand the text information in current issues.

One main concept that stuck with me was the importance of social media. Throughout the course, we learned the importance that these platforms play on sports marketing. There are many things that brands can do to enhance the customers experience and their brand awareness. A few things we learned was how to make social media more personable to its customers and how that can benefit the brand. For example, we learned that it is a smart idea to show off sports team’s player’s personalities. There have been positive outcomes from videoing players being themselves, rather than just posting game videos and stats. It allows the consumer to feel even more involved with their brand and create more loyalty.  Another thing we learned was that sports teams should team up with other companies. For example, when a team and athletic brand, such as Nike, team up, then the uniforms most likely look more official. It also markets both the team and the brand.

Throughout the semester, we also learned a lot about demographics and geographic. Both areas play a big role in finding out who and how to market your product. When you look at demographics you are looking at specific areas within a group, such as race, gender, and religion. This is important when marketing because it gives a crucial incite to who the customers are. Geographic’s also show importance; this is when it is in relation to the actual geographic region.

Also, learning about the product strategy is important for a future career in marketing. A product strategy is the foundation of a product lifecycle and the execution plan for its development. Product strategies are important because it creates a clear understanding of the consumers and market area. It is also good because it gives the business direction that can guide them. Using product strategy will be important in all areas of marketing. I also thought it was important to learn about the public opinion and how it influences products. I have learned that it is important to understand the amount of effort that goes into a company’s product. The amount of research and data collected just for advertisements is mind blowing.

Overall, there is so much that goes into marketing and all things are equally important. If just one step is done wrong, then the whole product could be at risk. Learning that it is important to have a plan and a set vision in mind is crucial, but also understanding that it can change at any time and flexibility is necessary.


Thanks for taking the time to read my blog

Cassie Motok


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