Oregon Ducks

The Oregon Ducks organization is nationally known. Although their athletic programs are the main contribution to their awareness, they are also executing in their marketing, which pulls in even more fans. They have top ranking programs which expose millions of fans to their brand each night. They have been using that opportunity to enhance their brand awareness. This is especially evident when there are big games. They will have things like new uniform releases to get the fans talking. Oregon has eighteen athletic programs all sponsored by other known brands, such as Nike.  Nike has been said to help improve their branding and they help create new uniforms for their teams. Just by having the Nike logo on their products helps sales and awareness increase.

The University has many tactics that they use to promote their brand. One tactic is their use of social media. They are active on platforms like YouTube and Instagram where they have thousands of followers and subscribers. Not only do they have a presence for all their teams on one handle, which almost reaches 1million followers. But they also have individual handles for each athletic team. Their posts range from many things such as pictures from games and interview videos from players on the teams. This is a positive way to promote their brand because it allows to show the personality of the athletes, instead of what is just shown on the field/court. They also take advantage of their facilities and athletes by holding events such as camps and having things like “fan day”. These events allow fans to meet and great players from the athletic teams. The event is held inside the stadium and free to the public. This is a good tactic because being free gives a selfless image to their fans and having the event in the stadium allows them to be in the same environment the games are in.

Overall, Oregon does a fantastic job with their marketing. There are many times where their organization is recognized for their creativity and uniqueness with their marketing style. They do a good job of staying ahead of their competition with every step they take.


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