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It is apparent that any successful college is active on social media, but that does not mean just because you are “active” you will be successful. This is because not many people realize the amount of planning and marketing that go into each thing you post on social media. When it comes to recruiting new students and athletes, there is a lot of competition between collegiate institution. However, the first thing this prospective student is going to look at is the colleges social media pages. If they are not put together well, then right away that individual is creating negative judgments of that institution, which puts them at a disadvantage against others.


With this being said, I took into account the concepts about marketing and social media we have been taught throughout this semester, and will be applying them to the Catawba College Athletic page. Right away Catawba shows its viewers the platforms they are actively on: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc. By adding those icons to the top of the page, they have created a more efficient way to create higher activity on those pages. After reviewing some of their platforms, such as Instagram and Twitter, it looks like they have good involvement. It does not appear that each sports team has their own social media handle, however those that do are constantly posting. One recommendation I would make is that the college makes it a requirement for each sports team to have their own handle. They also have nine tabs that each have links to separate information and sport teams. They have good diversity among each tab, but it does get a bit confusing trying to find the actual information. If you click on one of the individual team links, it is a bit difficult to find their team information (ex: roster, stats, etc.) So, I would recommend possibly altering their page to put that information toward the top, instead of awkwardly in the middle.


Overall, it is hard to keep up with social media because it is always changing, it seems that the methods they use with their platforms is productive. However, they could see positively changes from a few small alterations. Either way, they are fairly organized and have an attractive and informative web page to its viewers.



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