Milwaukee Bucks


Today in my sports marketing class, we watched a video that put in perspective different marketing concepts that can be integrated in our marketing practices. It was an insightful video because the spokesperson, Michael Grahl, made the segment very personable and relatable to our audience. Michael Grahl explained that like many of us, he did not have a set plan after graduation, but took an internship opportunity in the sales department for the Milwaukee Bucks. Then over a 17-year period, he worked his way up the corporate ladder and is now the head of digital sales.

He plays a key role in enhancing their brand name by focusing on reaching millennials. One key point he made was the important use of technology, specifically social media. Michael Grahl points out the importance of targeting youth through social media because of their popular use on those apps. One important take away point is the importance of using social media as a marketing tool. It is an important approach because it allows their fans to feel connected to the athletes and it allows fans to see the personalities of these athletes. These interactions between athletes and fans are crucial because they create a strong bond and relationship. By using social media, they can still control what the fans see and the type of image they want them to receive. However, it still creates an authentic personality that is true to who their brand is in a natural and casual way.

Another point Michael Grahl made was that you cannot control the record of the team, but that should not limit you from increasing awareness of your brand name. The Milwaukee Bucks did not have a successful season. However, that did not keep them from gaining a 10% increase on their website. Michael Grahl noted that they had one of the youngest teams in the NBA, so they used it to their advantage in reaching more millennial. Since their average team age is 24yrs old, they created more involvement on apps like Snapchat, they also held a few contests where fans could win a day with one of the professional players. Michael Grahl noted that this approach is beneficial because the fan will then go on social media and post about their experience with the player and photos they took. This allows their brand to be shared and reach a wider range of viewers.


These concepts could be applied to WVWC. A lot of the time, Wesleyan lacks creating personable relationships with our student athletes and fans through social media. If they increased their use on social media to not only show the stats of games, but also the personalities of players, then they would increase the overall fan engagement and enrollment at games.




– Cassie Motok



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