Peyton on Sunday Morning


According to CBS, in the 1970’s, we were exposed to an average of 500 ads daily. That may sound like a lot, but it is a measly number compared to the 5,000 ads we are now exposed to each day. Within these ads are several marketing elements designed to attract the customer and make them want the company’s product. There are a lot of times where we are exposed to something that the marketers don’t necessary want us to consciously pick up on. However, they rely on it settling with our subconscious. Marketers are able to flucuate this by changing between internal and external factors.

One way companies attempt to advertise their products is by hiring well-known athletes. By doing this, they hope to reach and compel a wider range of customers. An example of this is the commercial series involving Direct TV and “Peyton on Sunday Morning.” These commercials involve Peyton Manning doing normal everyday activities since he is now retired. The specific commercial that will be discussed is the “Peyton Manning Sunday Ticket” commercial. This commercial begins with popular musician, Lionel Richie, singing a catchy tune “Peyton on Sunday Morning.” The clip then cuts to another scene involving newly retired Peyton Manning casually in his home watching Direct TV Sunday Football in his robe on a couch. Peyton Manning then calls his brother, Eli Manning (also a professional football player), asking Eli to watch Sunday football with him. Unfortunately, Eli breaks it to his brother that he is getting ready for his game that day and would not be able to make it. The commercial is short but is memorable to the viewers. Especially because of the famous celebrities such as Payton, Eli, and Lionel Richie.


Commercial:  Peyton Manning Sunday Morning

Although the commercial seems simple, there are many internal and external elements that play into it. I believe that one thing the commercial executed was targeting their popular demographics. Although African Americans are reported to make up 68% of players in the NFL, Caucasian fans end up making 77% of the NFL fan base. It is also statistically found that 1 in 4 NFL fans have an income of over $100k. With this being said, Peyton Manning, who is an extremely well-off middle aged white male, watching Sunday football, is able to be easily relatable to the reported popular fan demographics in the NFL. However, since they use a famous quarterback, the commercial is also appealing to individuals outside of their popular demographic group. The commercial also does a good job of persuading their customers socially. It is shown that having the Sunday Ticket on Direct TV can also allow you to invite friends over and bond with them over football. The largest age group who are fans of the NFL are individuals who are 55+. Although Peyton Manning is only in his 40’s, he is retired. This is compelling to the 37% of aged 55+ NFL fans who are also retired or soon to be retired.

Overall, Direct TV did a nice job incorporating many marketing factors, both external and internal. They also discretely persuaded their customers to buy their product.


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Gaille, Brandon. “17 Captivating NFL Fans Demographics.” N.p., 28 Oct. 2015. Web. 08 Feb. 2017.


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