Stereotypes, Racism, or Maybe Even Nothing

A few days ago, in class, we were shortly briefed about a commercial we would be watching. The class was told the commercial would be displaying highly prejudice tones. Also, that it is creating an uproar in the comment section from people who were offended by this racially stereotyping commercial. When I was first told to watch it, I thought it would be stimulating to copy and paste some of the comments people left. However, after reading through them, I could not bear to have those malicious words on my post. The comments range from individuals who are offended to individuals who are just blatantly racist. With this being said, what kind of image has been created in your head?


For me, I imagined the worst. However, as the commercial began to play through, I sat there waiting for a nerve to strike inside me. Fortunately, one did not. Look for yourself:



How did it make you feel? Did it upset you?

Honestly, I thought of it as corny and goofy. I was actually confused on why people thought it was racist.


Now do not get me wrong, racially stereotyping and racism is an ongoing issue and needs be stopped. However, I do not see how those negative qualities are being displayed throughout this clip. Although everyone is entitled to their own opinion and feelings, I believe that this whole video is creating unnecessary problems. Jerry Rice is a well-known and very respected football player. Deidrie Henry has been the ongoing spokesperson for Popeye’s. They just happen to both be black. Why does that make it racist? So what if two successful African Americans are in a commercial for a well-known fried chicken brand together. Maybe if that offends you then you are the problem. We need to stop being overly sensitive and nitpicking at everything.  When things like this happen, it creates an unnecessary division among people. If we all see each other as equals and judge off the quality of the person instead of predetermined stereotypes, then maybe we would not have as much hate and discrimination in this world.



Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.




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